Senior Veterans Downsize For Retirement

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Who wouldn’t want fewer responsibilities and more free time? When you retired, you gained that and more. But what if you could make your retirement even more relaxing, care-free, and financially stable? Downsizing into a smaller space can help you get away from endless yard maintenance, save money on regular expenses, and carve out more time for yourself! And, if you’re a veteran, there are special home mortgage programs that can make purchasing a new home in retirement easier.
If this sounds too good to be true, keep reading to learn how you can make the move into a smaller, less-demanding space with these tips from Lighthouse Realty.
Important Things to Consider Before Downsizing
The downsizing process involves quite a few steps, some of which may be more difficult than you think. Researching the ins and outs of this complicated process before you begin will help things go more smoothly.
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Just for Those Who Served
Homeownership is a big part of the American dream, and we owe our ability to achieve that dream to veterans. Here are some resources especially for veterans pursuing homeownership during their retirement years.
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How to Say Goodbye to Stuff
If you’ve lived in your home for a long time, decluttering your belongings and saying goodbye to your things could be the hardest part of your move. That’s because we are emotionally attached to both our space and the things in it. These resources can help you navigate the process of paring down.
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When it comes to your home, bigger isn’t always better! If you’re looking for ways to refresh and revamp your life in retirement, downsizing might be the perfect move for you. Before moving forward with this big decision, consider exactly why you want to move, look for a great real estate agent, and make a list of your new-home must-haves. Whether you decide to move or just declutter and stay put, you’re bound to enjoy a little more freedom in your golden years without all that stuff weighing you down.